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Challenge Your Taxes: Homeowner's Guide to Reducing Property TaxesChallenge Your Taxes: Homeowner's Guide to Reducing Property Taxes by James E. A. Lumley.
John Wiley & Sons, 1998
Challenge Your Taxes explains the basic methods used in evaluating property, describing the common mistakes made by assessors. Readers will learn how to determine what their property is really worth and--in the case of an unfair assessment--how to prepare and present a successful appeal.

How to Reduce Your Property TaxesHow to Reduce Your Property Taxes by Frank J. Adler.
Harper Business, 1996
Unless a property has recently been purchased, the taxes on it are based on an estimation of its market value by a bureaucrat. Adler has written a comprehensive, easy to understand guide to the world of property taxes in the U.S. and Canada. This book can help residential property owners determine if they are being overly taxed and shows them what to do about it if they are.

The Art of Real Estate Appraisal: Dollars and Cents Answers to Your QuestionsThe Art of Real Estate Appraisal: Dollars and Cents Answers to Your Questions by William L. Ventolo, Martha R. Williams.
Dearborn Trade, 1992
This cogent, straightforward explanation of the residential single- family home appraisal process is written for home owners, investors, and real estate agents who are not appraisers but who want to understand the methods the professionals use.

The Essentials of Real Estate EconomicsThe Essentials of Real Estate Economics by Dennis J. McKenzie, Richard M. Betts.
5th Edition, South-Western Publishing, 2001
This text emphasizes the factors that cause real estate value to change. The approach is direct and practical; it is intended for people that have little or no background in formal economics.

Dictionary of Real Estate TermsDictionary of Real Estate Terms by Jack P. Friedman, Jack C. Harris, J. Bruce Lindeman.
5th Edition, Barrons Educational Series, 2000
Prospective home buyers and sellers as well as real estate professionals will find a wealth of useful information in this handbook. More than 2,000 terms are defined as they relate to purchase, sale, tax law, zoning, architectural styles....