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Your real estate property taxes may be too high if --
  .  You just bought your house at a "good price".
  .  Your assessment increased and you don't know why.
  .  A recent appraisal came in with a low market value.
  .  Property values have gone down, but your taxes haven't.
  .  Houses like yours sell for less than you paid.
  .  You haven't applied for a reduction in the last few years.
Property Tax

Thousands Overtaxed.
Despite widespread reassessments, thousands of Long Islanders -- perhaps as many as one in three -- pay property taxes that are too high. Last year alone, more than 60,000 Nassau homeowners sought property tax relief by filing tax grievances. And now, with market values plummeting and taxes still rising, it's more important than ever to file for relief.

A Reduction Now Counts Double!
Nassau County's latest plan for dealing with the dysfunctional assessment system is to freeze assessments for the next three years. A reduction awarded for the 2013/2014 tax year will be carried forward to the next calender year making this an especially important time to file a gievance. And to sweeten the deal, the new settlement program makes it possible to negotiate a reduction that can be resolved before payment of the taxes.

Free Analysis.
The tax grievance asks the local taxing authority -- the County in Nassau -- to reduce the assessment on which your property tax is based. If your assessment has changed or you're paying too much compared to your neighbors, ask us for a free, no obligation analysis.

It's Your Right!
Your right to a fair assessment is protected by law, and filing a grievance is the only way to get the right assessment and right market value for your property. You have nothing to lose, and could save thousands! Nobody comes to your home to inspect. And your assessment cannot go up because you filed a protest; it can only go down or remain the same. But you can only file once a year and the time to get started is now.

No Fee Unless We Win.
NY Property Tax Reduction has been preparing tax grievances for Long Islander homeowners for nearly two decades. Among our thousands of satisfied clients are many who first tried another service or tried unsuccessfully to file for themselves. At NY Property Tax, we're so sure we can reduce your taxes that we take no upfront retainers or "preparation fees". In fact, we don't get paid unless we win your case.

The Current Outlook.
Becaues of Nassau's yearly reassessments, we recommend filing a grievance every year, even if you have a pending case or one recently settled. Property values continue to decline, but Nassau County real estate assessments have not decreased proportionately. Your home is worth less now and that lower value should be reflected in your tax bill!

P.S.  This year is likely to be a particularly busy one for the Nassau Assessment Review Commission. Experts predict a record number of grievances. The filing deadline is fast approaching. Miss it and you have to wait another year. So don't delay. Ask us for a free, no obligation analysis of your property tax bill.

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