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Changed filing date to 3/1/17.
Changed filing date to 5/1/16 and removed broken ad links.
Changed filing date to 5/1/13 due to hurricane Sandy.
Created homepage alert with custom image to announce extended filing date.
Changed filing date to 3/1/13
Removed special offer.
Updated homepage for current tax filing year, adding copy as requested and new graphic.
Removed extended deadline notice and changed filing date to 3/1/12.
Extended 2011 filing deadline from 3/1/11 to 4/23/11.
Moved to new, faster server along with associated email account.
Installed new webmail software for increased security, less spam.
Installed new recommnedation software with dedicated thank you page.
Fixed broken links, mouseovers.
Updated Google webmaster tools, analytics, sitemap.
Fixed additional deadline text.
Created directory structure, using cgi-bin, CSS, images.
Modified .htaccess, homepage to use php.
Modified contact page to use webmail, renamed thank you page.
Changed deadline information as directed.
Corrected left column copy regarding filing and processing deadlines, as requested.
Changed deadline information as directed.
Changed bookmarking to social network bookmarking.
Changed re-assessment page copy to reflect current conditions.
Outboarded javascript for additional speed.
Changed deadline as directed.
Changed deadline as directed.
Changed deadline to 03/01/08, note about processing to start in September.
Changed deadline to 03/01/07, note about processing to start in September.
Completed update, removing incorrect prices, references, etc.
Rewrote About Us page to feature Sylvia Levins, Roberta Simon.
Removed many references to places other than Nassau County. More to go.
Removed Westchester references.
Changed address, phone, fax to reflect sale to United Tax Reduction.
Changed NYPTR banner.
Redirected AOL website.
Updated Westchester deadline.
Updated Suffolk RARs.
Added Westchester deadline to all pages.
Changed Suffolk deadline to 2006.
Updated telephone numbers.
Changed copy to force use of inquiry form.
Updated inquiry form to get more information.
Changed Nassau deadline to 2006.
Updated homepage copy regarding deadlines.
Updated deadlines and RARs.
Updated Nassau County deadline.
Updated homepage regarding deadlines.
Added New York Times article: With Property Taxes, the Bill Isn't Always Certain
Modified code to work properly in new Opera 7 browser.
Added Google ™ News and Real Estate Tax Guides to Links page.
Updated Links page.
Added Nassau Reassessment page.
Added United Tax Reduction link to homepage.
Added postmaster help link to inquiry thanks page.
Corrected posting errors.
NY Property Tax Reduction goes live.
Domain name registered, parked and forwarded to
Site layout created.
NY Property Tax logos and banners designed.

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